‘Sound of Raasay’ 2019


TITLE; ‘Sound of Raasay’ 2019
AUTHOR; Matthew Draper
PUBLISHER; Scottish Gallery
TEXT; Duncan Macmillan
ISBN; 978-1-910267-98-1
SIZE; 19cm x 24cm
PAGES; 52 pages 56 full colour reproductions
PRICE; £12.00 plus P&P

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The artists second exhibition at the Scottish Gallery, gathered together works made in response to one relatively small area of the Scottish highlands the narrow stretch of sea in between the Isle of Skye and the small sparsely inhabited Isle of Raasay. Paring down and concentrating on one area, resulted in the artist making works from one or two vantage points along the sound. Fully illustrated within the publication is the Crepuscular Rays series. This series contains 28 works made after the artist witnessed a fast moving cloud structure illuminating the landscape and sea, as he undertook the short twenty minute ferry crossing from Skye to Raasay. The 56 full colour reproductions of works, together with images of the artist drawing in his studio, and text by the Scottish Art Critic Duncan Macmillan, enable this 52 page publication to fully illustrate and describe the artists working methods and his individual approach to his chosen medium and subject matter.