‘Atmosphere and Twilight’ 2002


TITLE; ‘Atmosphere and Twilight’ 2002
AUTHOR; Matthew Draper
PUBLISHER; Open Eye Gallery
TEXT; Michael Spender
SIZE; 16cm x 21cm
PAGES; 32 pages 17 full colour reproductions

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Published in 2002 this catalogue is the first publication on the artists work, it accompanied the Artists second exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh. 16 full colour images and 3 black and white images are contained within this 32 page book. With foreword by the Art Historian Michael Spender this catalogue describes the work and working method at this particular point in the artists Career, when his imagery made in reaction to his home the City of Edinburgh started to develop. This was the first body of exhibited work made in its entirety using the medium of pastel a medium which has become the artists principle practice. Spender gives a detailed analysis and description of the working technique and surprising methods of application used to make the atmospheric Nocturnal images.